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In today’s digital age, is it possible to achieve both efficiency and creativity while still designing and making custom signage? For one California-based company, the answer has been a resounding “yes.”

Working with top brands such as Dropbox, Reddit, Google, and other retail and technology giants, Tinkering Monkey gears its signage to the stylistic nuances of fast-growing companies.

Founders Paul Chang and Mike Cheung launched their unique business in 2011, one year after Instagram debuted. Featuring high-end photos of their work on their Web site and on their own Instagram feed (which today boasts more than 6,000 followers), they can now call the photo media platform one of their very own clients.
2011年,猴匠亚博老虎机娱乐平台公司创始人Paul Chang和Mike Cheung,在Instagram Feed和公司的网站上推出公司的高端作品图片,现在已经拥有6000多名粉丝,猴匠亚博老虎机娱乐平台公司将图片媒体平台也称为公司的客户之一。

Eight years following its launch, Tinkering Monkey has grown a robust team of diverse staff who has moved from a one-car-sized garage shop to a 3,000-square-foot warehouse in Berkeley. Visitors to the company’s Web site can watch a live video feed of the shop as the team works throughout the day.

While simple signs can be typically ordered on the Internet, there are few viable options for ordering custom signage. This is where Tinkering Monkey has found a niche.

A customer will find the company by either word-of-mouth or a Google search, says Cheung, who works as the company’s production manager. Once they request a custom quote for their project, the company crafts a detailed proposal that the client can easily share with stakeholders and decision makers. Once the client purchases the project or signs off on the quote, the order immediately goes to the production studio.

担任猴匠亚博老虎机娱乐平台公司的生产经理Mike Cheung说:“客户可以通过网站或谷歌等多渠道搜索到公司,只要客户要求为其项目定制报价,公司会根据客户需求马上制定一个详细的提案,客户可以清楚的了解具体细节,一旦客户满意签字,订单会立即转到生产工作室。”

Upon completion, the sign is shipped, along with detailed installation instructions, necessary hardware, and accessories. Or, if the client requests installation, Tinkering Monkey will arrange that service.

“We make a big effort in showing our past work and keeping that portfolio current, along with making it as easy as possible to order a sign from us,” says Cheung. “Ordering signage is not something a lot of people have done, so we try to take down the barrier to understanding what is possible for a given project.”
Mike Cheung表示:“公司会及时更新工作的状态,保证有效的工作效率,让客户更方便在公司订购亚博老虎机娱乐平台。因为大多数人并不是做亚博老虎机娱乐平台项目,所以公司在努力消除对亚博老虎机娱乐平台项目的不理解和制作存在的障碍”

This model appears to be working. To date, the company has designed and manufactured more than 3,000 signs for 500 companies across the United States.

Exploring the “how-to” behind Tinkering Monkey’s process shows that the company not only demonstrates success but has fun in the process.

Though they work “out of the box,” many of the materials they turn to are traditional, including Sintra®, HDU, plywood, and others. “We tend to use wood more than the average sign shop,” says Cheung. 
猴匠亚博老虎机娱乐平台公司制作亚博老虎机娱乐平台的许多材料都是传统材料,比如Sintra、HDU、胶合板和其他材料。Mike Cheung说:“公司比一般的亚博老虎机娱乐平台公司更偏爱木头。”

The company has also dabbled in 3D printing and laser cutting, while on Cheung’s wish list for new fabrication tools is a simple computer such as Arduino and Raspberry PI that allow non-engineers to learn to code. Using such a computer, he’d like to program and operate illuminated signs. “I’m also interested in some of the smaller automated arms I’ve started to see,” he says. “It would be awesome to assign repetitive tasks like sanding the edges of 1000 wood blocks to a tool that was programmed to do that task.”
Mike Cheung经理希望公司拥有一台新的计算机制造工具,如Arduino和Raspberry PI,允许非工程师学习编码、编程和操作发光亚博老虎机娱乐平台,所以Tinkering Monkey亚博老虎机娱乐平台公司还涉足3D打印和激光切割。Mike Cheung说:“我对较小的自动机器非常感兴趣,比如将1000个木块的边缘打磨成一个经过编程可以完成的机器,这样的机器非常棒。”

When it comes to identity projects, Tinkering Monkey has created halo-lit signs using reclaimed wood. This creates a traditional-looking, classic channel letter that has a modern, rustic look. They have also found that three-dimensional signs are popular where companies need to distinguish their brands.


Donut Shop Sign

Tinkering Monkey Custom SignsWhat three-dimensional object would make for the perfect donut shop sign? You guessed it: a large donut, twenty-four inches in diameter and eight inches thick. The catch: This one has a chunk missing, with bite marks to show the evidence.

After modeling the perfect donut on the computer, they programmed their CNC router to carefully cut portions out of HDU foam. They attached all the pieces with fast-curing glue.

Then the sign makers sanded the circle to the perfectly smooth, round donut. “We added a bite mark through carving, which started an internal debate on how many teeth are in a single bite,” says Cheung. “We decided on four.”
然后,用砂纸把甜甜圈的圆磨成光滑表面,有一个小插曲,Mike Cheung解释:“为了雕刻咬痕,制作团队因为一口咬多少颗牙齿发生了争论,最终公司决定用四个牙痕。”

Tinkering Monkey then added three to four coats of glossy paint to the donut. They then router-cut letters and sprinkles out of HDU and glued them to the finished donut shape.

To weatherproof this sign for the exterior, the team fully sealed the foam and coated it with Zinsser primer and exterior acrylic paint.

JanSport Backpack Label

Tinkering Monkey JansportFor another project, their client, VF Corporation, requested an interior sign for their Alameda headquarters. Owner of popular outdoor products and apparel brands such as North Face® and JanSport®, the company requested an interior sign for the latter, a popular backpack label. This engraved custom sign was designed as a three-dimensional interior representation of the brand’s logo. It measures about thirty-six inches from end to end and five inches thick at the center.
VF公司是猴匠亚博老虎机娱乐平台公司的另一个客户,VF公司希望猴匠亚博老虎机娱乐平台公司为在阿拉米达总部的VF公司,设计服装品牌亚博老虎机娱乐平台。就像猴匠亚博老虎机娱乐平台公司给North Face和Jansport的公司设计制作的背包亚博老虎机娱乐平台。VF公司定制的亚博老虎机娱乐平台是长36英寸,中心厚5英寸的图形亚博老虎机娱乐平台。


The company was given a 2D Illustrator file and used that to create a 3D mockup to better illustrate the dimensionality they had in mind. They built the 3D model in Rhino and rendered it with Adobe Dimension.

After plenty of sanding, they used a heavy filler primer to smooth out the texture and prepped it for paint. Matte black graphics and brushed aluminum plate rounded everything out.Tinkering Monkey Jansport

Although the sign finish is mainly painted alder wood, the sign is more suitable for interior display since the clear-coated finishes and components would not fare well outdoors.

Bird in Hand

Unusual products and services call for thinking out of the box a bit more than usual. For Bird, a company that offers electric shooter sharing services throughout the U.S., Tinkering Monkey crafted a double-sided, illuminated wood sign to represent their logo. This large sign measures 72-by-42.34-by-8 inches thick (including the artwork).Tinkering Monkey Bird

Cheung says that, despite its size, this sign was built for interior use only. “We built it from lightweight birch ply and re-sawn, reclaimed wood that was applied as a thin ‘skin’ to the front and back surface,” he says, noting they did this to shave down the sign and slightly reduce the weight.
Mike Cheung说:“尽管这个亚博老虎机娱乐平台很大,但他是作为室内建筑使用,所以我们选择用轻量的桦木胶合板和重新锯开的再生木材制作,这些木材作为一种薄的‘皮’涂在亚博老虎机娱乐平台前后表面上,减轻了亚博老虎机娱乐平台的重量。”

Illuminating the sign are flexible LED strips that were cut into the back. “The strips are attached around the perimeter of each part,” says Cheung. “Wiring is all done inside the sign, and the LED driver is incorporated into the sign. It’s actually right on the top wing on one side, exposed to the open air to allow any heat to dissipate. Since we knew the sign would be installed overhead, there was no problem leaving this showing on top.Tinkering Monkey Bird
Mike Cheung解释:“我们知道广告牌会安装在头顶上,而且木质发光亚博老虎机娱乐平台就在广告牌的一侧上翼。为了保护木质亚博老虎机娱乐平台,先用金属缠绕亚博老虎机娱乐平台四周,发光亚博老虎机娱乐平台内使用LED驱动电源,因为发光亚博老虎机娱乐平台是在室外,LED光源可以降低热量。”

“One of the faces is permanently glued on, and the other is screwed on around the edges. We also painted the screw heads to help blend them into the rustic wood.”
Mike Cheung继续补充:“发光亚博老虎机娱乐平台是由两个面组成,其中一个面是永久粘在一起,另一个面是用螺丝钉固定,为了使螺丝与原木材混合,我们给螺丝钉刷了漆。”


When real estate technology company Compass approached Tinkering Monkey with a problem they were having in separating lobby space (the front entrance looked into the main conference room), a true architectural signage solution was presented.

The challenge was to create a lobby sign that also doubles as a privacy screen. And to make things more interesting—add an optical illusion to make this a focal point in a rather open space.

Taking cues from the structure of venetian blinds, the team created a nine-foot slat wall that displayed the logo in pieces. As the slats come together, the letters of the logo come together. To prepare for such an undertaking and to note the geometry for the cutter, the team created a 2D projection.
其次,根据威尼斯百叶窗的结构,设计大厅和会议室的隔墙,Tinkering Monkey亚博老虎机娱乐平台公司团队利用切割机切割了一些九英尺长的板条墙,把板条都拼在一起,呈现出碎片式的景墙亚博老虎机娱乐平台效果。最后,要把Compass房地产科技公司商标字母贴在亚博老虎机娱乐平台上,制作成一个二维投影效果。

The logo needed to be placed on the sign in a way where it could be read straight-on, yet disappears as the visitor walks right or left. “There were technical challenges as well: sourcing extra-long lumber, making the installation simple (and removable), and most of all—getting all of it done on a tight timeline,” says Cheung.
Mike Cheung说:“大厅亚博老虎机娱乐平台需要直观,而且添加了光学错觉,当访客走向左边或右边,亚博老虎机娱乐平台会暂时消失。虽然在技术上带来了挑战,但是制作团队依然在规定的时间内,采购了超长木材,并且在安装和拆除上要确保方法简单。”

Tinkering Monkey CompassTinkering Monkey repetitiously cut and milled all the wood and then applied cut vinyl to all the pieces. The company made alignment combs to make installation simple. They left all the wood pieces long so they could measure and cut them on site. “This way, each piece followed the deviations on the wall,” says Cheung.
制作团队反复切割和碾磨所有的木材,在碎片木材上涂了乙烯基,他们把木片留的很长,以便现场测量和切割。Mike Cheung解释:“这样可以保证碎片木材能及时与修正墙上的偏差。”

The end-result is a system that made the conference room feel like a separate, private space. Also not only does the logo disappear, but it reappears and comes into place when turning the corner.


In their eight years on the job, the team at Tinkering Monkey has become comfortable with taking risks. After all, in creating one-of-a-kind signage, there isn’t a detailed playbook available for each project. Cheung believes this is an asset, helping them to remain creative and innovative. “Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone,” he advises. “It’s challenging and can be rewarding, despite initial failures.”
猴匠亚博老虎机娱乐平台公司团队工作的八年里,他们一直在冒险,毕竟,每一个亚博老虎机娱乐平台都是独一无二。Mike Cheung经理认为这也是一项资产,有助于团队一直保持创造性和创新性,为每个项目都带来详细的策划。Mike Cheung经理表示:“挑战失败了,仍会有回报,所以,不要害怕冒险。”

The other benefit that comes with exploration and creative in a sign shop is enjoyment. Many of the team members have the opportunity to play with tools and gadgets, experimenting with new concepts and prototypes.

One example of this is the company’s purchase of a 3D printer that they acquired just for fun. “We bought a 3D printer for no particular reason, and since then, some folks have been learning 3D CAD modeling to print parts,” he says. “This has led to us printing custom bits of hardware for signs.”
比如,猴匠亚博老虎机娱乐平台公司购买了一台3D打印机,他们说,他们购买3D打印机,没有什么特别的原因,只是为了好玩,从此,一直有人在学习3D CAD建模来打印零件,导致公司对亚博老虎机娱乐平台打印有了重新认识。

In considering how other sign companies might infuse creativity into their daily operations, Cheung says, essentially, creativity comes from passion. “Learning and exposing themselves to new things like tools, materials, techniques, design, can foster creativity,” he says. “Also, attending art and design shows, or taking classes for things not necessarily directly related to signage, can help.”
Mike Cheung解释,亚博老虎机娱乐平台公司如何在日常工作中注入创造力,从本质上说,创造力来自热情。他说:“学习和接触工具、材料、技术、设计等新事物可以培养创造力。此外,参加艺术和设计展,参加与亚博老虎机娱乐平台不一定直接相关的课程也会有所帮助。”

Hiring a diverse team of designers, fabricators, and other skilled technicians and artists also helps to maintain a high level of innovation. “We have people working here that have backgrounds in graphic design, interactive design, and industrial design who both fabricate and send quotes to clients,” says Cheung. “We pull from all those skills on a daily basis.”
Mike Cheung还表示:“培养一支由设计师、制造商、技术娴熟的技术人员和艺术家组成的多元化团队更有助于保持高水平的创新。团队里有从事平面设计、互动设计和工业设计工作的人,他们都会制作出新方案供客户选择,并且每天都从工作经历中汲取经验。”

Thinking outside the box also helps contribute to environmental graphics that are original and engaging, which ultimately, is what draws consumers to a brand. “I think we do contribute to changing the way architectural signage is thought of,” says Cheung. “Making custom signs to fit into highly designed and branded environments has become more and more of our business.
跳出传统框架思维也有助于创造出具有独创性和吸引力的图形亚博老虎机娱乐平台,综上所述,都是吸引客户选择品牌的原因。Mike Cheung说:“我们公司确实有改变建筑亚博老虎机娱乐平台的思维方式,高度设计和品牌化的亚博老虎机娱乐平台,成为我们越来越多的亚博老虎机娱乐平台品牌。”

I think signage is the thing that bridges brand and architecture; it gives people a sense of place.


Part 1: Cutting
After modeling the perfect donut on the computer, we programmed our CNC router to carefully cut portions of the donut out of HDU foam—the same material surfboards are made of.


Part 2: Gluing
Since foam only comes in certain thicknesses, we had to attach all the pieces with filling glue. It was fast curing, so most of the team worked on it at the same time.


Part 3: Shaping
Then, we sanded the circle to the perfect smooth, round donut. We added a bite mark, which started an internal debate on how many teeth are in a single bite (we decided on four).



Part 4: Painting
Next: carefully painting on 3-4 coats of glossy, bright paint. The entire process made us hungry, and resulted in several trips to the very donut shop this sign was for.


Part 5: Final assembly



Painted wood sign for Jansport, an American brand of backpacks and collegiate apparel, at VFC headquarters in Alameda, CA