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Philadelphians are passionate sports fans. They’re tough on hometown teams when they underperform, but their exuberance in celebrating success is hard to rival. As the place where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were adopted, Philadelphia’s history also forges its identity. These defining characteristics converged when Major League Baseball’s Phillies reacquired a key piece of team history to live outside Citizens Bank Park, their home ballpark, and hired     to restore the Phillies’ bell to its former glory. 

费城是一座具有悠久历史的城市,当初为了庆祝“独立宣言”和“宪法”的通过,费城修建了自由钟亚博老虎机娱乐平台为纪念。同时,费城人也是狂热的棒球迷,当他们热爱的费城人球队发挥不佳的时候,他们会表现的非常愤懑。但是,球队取得胜利后,费城人会非常热情的为他们庆祝。在美国职业棒球大联盟赛上,费城人球队再次拿下冠军时,费城公民为纪念这次比赛,于是重新翻修了具有纪念意义的自由钟亚博老虎机娱乐平台,Cima Network团队接受了这次工作。



Cima’s relationship with the Phillies began with the 2016 season, when we built freestanding, routed-urethane letters that read “Opening Day” for the first home game. Keith Denny, Cima’s executive vice president and co-founder, worked with the team to develop the sign, which garnered tens of thousands of social media posts. We’ve also designed, fabricated and installed wayfinding, interior signage and environmental branding for the team. More recently, James Trout, the Phillies’ director of marketing events and special projects, approached Cima about reanimating the 18-ft.-tall, 2-ton-plus, long-dormant bell.

2016年的棒球赛季上,是Cima Network团队和费城人球队的第一次接触。当时,Cima Network团队建造了独具特色的聚氨酯跑道字母亚博老虎机娱乐平台,上面写着首场比赛的开幕日,这是Cima Network执行副总裁兼联合创始人基思·丹尼(Keith Denny)与球队共同创作的亚博老虎机娱乐平台,在社交媒体上发布后,有数万条留言跟帖。最近,费城营销活动和特别项目总监詹姆斯·特劳特(James Trout)与Cima Network接洽,希望他们让这座球场上高18英尺的自由钟亚博老虎机娱乐平台重新焕发活力。

In 1983, the Phillies hired now-defunct Cutler Signs to build a replica of the famous Liberty Bell. It was installed in the Phillies’ former home, Veterans Stadium, over an upper-seating deck. After the 2003 season, “the Vet” was closed and demolished to make way for Citizens Bank Park. Trout discovered that C.W. Dunnet, a local food purveyor, had purchased the bell. 

1983年,为了庆祝“独立宣言”和“宪法”的通过,费城人雇佣了现在已经消失的卡特勒( Cutler )亚博老虎机娱乐平台公司来建造了着名的自由钟亚博老虎机娱乐平台。自由钟修建在费城老兵球场的上层座位上。2003年,为了建造市民娱乐的银杏公园,老兵球场被关闭拆除,自由钟亚博老虎机娱乐平台也被当地一家食品供应商C.W.Dunnet购买带走。



Prior to making repairs, Cima Network gutted the bell’s old innards and hired a sandblaster to remove layers of rust, corrosion and old paint. The interior required delicate attention and was blasted using baking soda.

找到自由钟亚博老虎机娱乐平台后,Cima Network团队使用了碳酸氢钠进行清洗内部,并雇用了一名喷砂工来清除铁锈、腐蚀污渍和旧油漆层。

Trout was taken aback by the bell’s deterioration: “A groundhog and a couple of cats ran out from under it. It was hard to imagine bringing it back to life.” Mike Horvath, Cima’s senior project manager who supervised the project, noted that withstanding 15 years of exposure to Philadelphia winters had taken its toll. Rust and metal fatigue were widespread. Holes pockmarked the face from where standoffs had been installed to accommodate the PK housings for the original neon.

詹姆斯·特劳特(James Trout)被钟的破坏程度惊呆了:“整个钟可以任由老鼠和猫自由的穿梭,很难想象能让它恢复生机。” 负责该项目的CIMA高级项目经理Mike Horvath指出,自由钟亚博老虎机娱乐平台为它长期的风吹日晒,付出了代价,铁锈、剥落金属触目惊心。Cima Network团队为了增添活力,在钟的角线处转开了许多小孔安装了霓虹灯PK外壳。

Prior to repairing the bell, Cima gutted it and outsourced the rust removal to a local sandblasting company. The exterior was sandblasted with silica sand; the softer interior required baking soda for blasting. Cima’s team rehabbed the structure, which comprises aluminum clad over a steel support frame, by MIG-welding the entire structure and, where needed, using structural adhesive and fillers to bond components. “Because the bell would be freestanding, wind load was a major concern,” Jim Klauder, Cima’s production supervisor, said. “The welding and patching process was rigorous.”

在修理自由钟之前,Cima Network团队首先将钟拆开,把外部除锈工作包给当地一家喷砂公司,内部用碳酸氢钠进行洗涤;其次使用铝制的钢来构成自由钟亚博老虎机娱乐平台的框架,最后用MIG重新焊接,并用粘合剂粘合所以的小零件。 Cima Network团队生产主管Jim Klauder解释:“钟的位置是在露天的球场,所以风荷载是最主要的问题,这就要求焊接和修补的过程非常严格。”




Because the reinvigorated bell would be situated in the concourse by a primary entrance, aesthetics were especially important. To emulate the original Liberty Bell, Denny and Paul Hlywiak, a Cima production designer, visited the Liberty Bell at Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia. Paul took photos and created color swatches to mimic the bell’s hue. He created four different samples and presented them to team officials. 

由于翻修的自由钟亚博老虎机娱乐平台位于球场的主入口,美观尤为重要。Cima Network团队的设计师丹尼(Denny)和保罗·希利维克(Paul Hlywiak),为了模仿原始的自由钟亚博老虎机娱乐平台,参观了费城着名历史公园的自由钟,还拍了大量的照片,给团队制作出四个不同的自由钟亚博老虎机娱乐平台色彩样本。

Although the Phillies liked the authenticity of matching the original bell’s color, the plan called for illuminating the sign with programmable LED animations, so they preferred more contrast to make the lighting pop. Hlywiak and Cima’s painting team developed a black custom faux-finish with subtle red undertones (a natural for the Phillies) and covered the bell with several protective coats of AkzoNobel Grip-Gard primer followed by BEHR latex paint.

尽管费城人喜欢原钟色,同时,他们也希望自由钟亚博老虎机娱乐平台更符合流行的趋势,于是他们要求团队制作可编程的LED动画发光亚博老虎机娱乐平台,因为费城人更喜欢对比度。保罗·希利维克(Paul Hlywiak)的绘画团队创造了一种黑色的人造饰面,还有微红的底色(红色对费城的历史具有不一样的意义),然后在钟上涂上防腐漆 AkzoNobel、 底漆Grip-Gard和Behr乳胶漆。

For Hlywiak, working on the bell was more than a job. His father, Peter, had been a Cutler employee who had painted the original. “I mentioned working on the bell at dinner one night, and my dad mentioned working on it at Cutler. I couldn’t believe it,” Hlywiak said. “I was so excited to work on something my dad had a hand in creating.” 

对于保罗·希利维克(Paul Hlywiak)来说,修钟不仅仅是一份工作。他解释:“有一天在吃晚饭时,我提到了关于我的工作,我爸爸告诉我他是当年为自由钟画原画的雇员,我简直不敢相信,所以,我真的很兴奋能为我父亲参与创造的东西做修复工作。”



The bell was now structurally sound and had been coated to withstand years of changeable Philadelphia weather. But, without proper lighting, the bell would sit lifelessly and add little to the fan experience. “A bell has curves and contours that make lighting it more challenging than your typical sign,” Horvath said. 

翻修后的自由钟亚博老虎机娱乐平台,结构已经很牢固,而且也涂上了新的油漆,完全可以经受费城多变的天气。但是,没有合适的发光亚博老虎机娱乐平台,自由钟还是原来的钟,毫无生气地坐着,没有任何魅力。保罗·希利维克(Paul Hlywiak)表示:“一旦钟增添了发光亚博老虎机娱乐平台和景墙亚博老虎机娱乐平台,这使得它的亚博老虎机娱乐平台比传统亚博老虎机娱乐平台更具挑战性。”

Enter Jack Tusman, Cima’s estimator and lighting designer. For the bulbs that span the bell’s perimeter, he specified Philips Color Kinetics iColor Flex LMS Gen2bulbs to match the quantity of incandescent bulbs on the original bell. He said team officials were originally considering incandescent bulbs for the new bell, but when it became clear that it would reside in close contact with the public, the safety of non-breakable LED bulbs provided the obvious choice. 

Cima Network团队的评估师兼灯光设计师杰克•图斯曼(Jack Tusman)补充说:“钟四周的灯泡,我们开始是指定飞利浦彩色iColor Flex LMS gen2灯泡,以匹配原来自由钟上的白炽灯泡数量。但是,当我们发现亚博老虎机娱乐平台会与公众密切接触时,不容易损坏且安全的LED灯泡成了最佳的选择。”

For the luminous tubing, Cima installed 130 linear ft. of GLLS Neon Flex RGB Pixel bendable material, which provides the brightness of neon but with better energy efficiency, safety and dynamic content thanks to addressable modules. To power the bulbs and tubing, we installed five Mean Well LED drivers. The power traverses a 1.5-in.-thick conduit, which runs beneath the sign and through custom-fabricated power boxes. 

Cima Network团队安装了130线性ft的发光管,且GLLS氖伸缩RGB像素是可弯曲材料。该材料具有霓虹灯的亮度,还具有良好的能源效率和较高的安全性。为了给灯泡和灯管供电,Cima Network团队安装了5个LED驱动器,电源穿过自由钟亚博老虎机娱乐平台下方厚1.5英寸的导管来供电。

With each RGB LED module in the sign addressable, the Phillies plan to generate the system’s content with a DMX-512 controller to create animated programs that tout Phillies successes, observe holidays and celebrate the victories of the city’s other pro-sports teams.





The area near the bell’s installation was blocked by balustrades, so an Elliott HiReach crane was required to maneuver the bell into place. Cima completed all MIG welding in the shop to simplify onsite installation.

靠近自由钟装置的区域被栏杆围住,所以需要一台埃利奥特·海吉特(Elliott HiReach)起重机来把钟搬进合适的位置。为了简化了安装,Cima Network团队在现场完成了车间需要的MIG焊接。

Cima fabricated the bell in two pieces that would be mechanically joined onsite. Eliminating the need for onsite welding ensured a more efficient, safer installation site. We secured the bell meticulously to a flatbed trailer and took it downtown.

Cima Network团队将钟制作成两部分,小心翼翼地把钟固定在一辆平板拖车上,然后把它带到了市中,在现场进行更高效、更安全的机械连接安装。

The city had installed bollards around the site, so we had to implement an 80-ft.-reach crane to position the bell’s parts into place. Philadelphia’s Driscoll Construction installed the sign’s concrete foundation, into which we secured the sign. After several days on-site, the bell was ready for the Phillies’ Opening Day in late March. 

费城Driscoll建筑公司修建了自由钟亚博老虎机娱乐平台的混凝土地基,然后Cima Network团队用起重机把亚博老虎机娱乐平台固定在地基上面,接着在亚博老虎机娱乐平台周围安装了高80英尺的护栏。经过几天的准备,自由钟亚博老虎机娱乐平台已经为费城人队三月底赛季的开幕日做好了准备。

The revitalized bell provided an ideal backdrop for an Opening Day marriage proposal, and inspired an article for The Athletic, a sports-news site, for which Denny and Hlywiak were interviewed. With the signing of Bryce Harper and other stars, the Phillies are poised for success. And Cima is proud to have played a role in resurrecting a symbol of the team’s past that will now stand proudly as a harbinger of its promising future.

丹尼(Denny)和保罗·希利维克(Paul Hlywiak)在接受采访的时候提到,这座重振雄风的自由钟亚博老虎机娱乐平台为求婚者提供了理想的景墙亚博老虎机娱乐平台,也给体育新闻网站《体育》的文章提供了灵感。随着布莱斯·哈珀和其他明星的签约,费城人队已经做好了成功的准备。Cima Network团队